Tryck & Ton
TRYCK002 edit 12"

TRYCK002 edit 12"

120 SEK

The TRYCK002 records just arrived! Official release-date is set to July 8:Th, but as a customer of our webstore, we'll give you the oppurtunity to get this record before everyone else.

Don't sleep!

Shortinfo: The followup! With TRYCK002 the Swedish producers return with an even thicker release. The wonky groove of “Old Lady Friend” is the perfect odd ball summer soundtrack. The flip sounds like two mid-tempo bangers done by a couple of drunk Swedish fishermen, who took a wrong turn to the Carribean.

Tryck & Ton is the rebirth of a long lasting musical relationship between Edvin Edvinsson & Anton Klint (Public Possession, Italians Do It Better, DFA etc.)